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From Anna Maria Thomasina Blackburn Washington

My Dear Uncle

     You will please accept Bushrods and my united thanks for your kind consideration of us; we were indeed anxious to hear how you and our dear Aunt were after your rough journey and the heavy rains which we knew must have impeded your progress, and rendered the roads even worse than usual; we were much gratified to learn that you were benefited by bathing and using the water. We did not receive your letter My dear Uncle until Brother had left home, & we were from home when Sister went or would have written by her.

     My dear Husband intended to have joined you last week accompanied by Thomas, but two of our horses have been injured so as not to be used or he would have set off on Wednesday—and on Thursday he was taken so sick with a union of cold and bile that he has been unable to leave his room since. Our kind friend and physician has attended him, he was bled to-day and I am happy to say is now without fever & clearer1 of head-ache than since he was taken sick— the attack has been somewhat similar to one he had five years ago, when I had your skill & affectionate Aid in nursing him.

     We all unite in love yourself, Aunt, Brother & Sister we hope to see you all on Thursday much benefited by the use of the Bath. I remain Dear Uncle your dutiful and affectionate niece

Anne Maria T. Washington

     Please tell Sister I should have written to her but I suppose Judy will do so, and give her all requisite information from home.

Source Note

ALS, ViMtvL: Bushrod Washington Family Papers. Anne Maria addressed the cover to BW at Bath in Morgan County.

1. In the manuscript, Washington added an unintentional 'f' before clearer.