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From West Ford

Dear master


     I going on with the house for the book1 and papers the man that slate the house furnish the slate put it up for six dollars for evry ten feet I have received your letter and will attend to the order I have a sick famly my mother is very sick and silay osborn and old woman dolly is crasy like she was two or three years past george at the farm is sick Mr Rodges comments seeding the ry the 24 august I think that you had better write to him to now what time he will get done the ry timothy seed has not ben soen yet the grubing is going on with four men.

     I like to now if I must get the Scantling from Mr davett for to repare the garden.

     I hear that you intend bying the muels that mister peak has to sell but hear that thay ar two old he ben talk to me about it for fere that I wood tell that thay were old Plese that to your self know that it weod be chating of you.

West Ford your humble Servant

Source Note

ALS, ViMtvL: Elswyth Thane Beebe Collection. Ford addressed the letter to "Mr jud. Washington" at "bleekly near charles tow jefferson county virginia." The letter was postmarked in Alexandria on 28 Aug., and BW endorsed the letter.

1. Ford originally wrote "books" but crossed out the "s."