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George Washington was born at Wakefield plantation, which at the time of his birth was about 150 acres on the west side of Pope's Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia. The property was initially purchased by his great-grandfather in 1664, and Washington's father, Augustine Washington (1694-1743), bought additional acreage in 1717 and 1718. The house in which George Washington was born was completed in 1720 and burned in 1780. Augustine Washington left Wakefield to his son Augustine Washington II (1720-1762) and it passed to him in 1743.  William Augustine Washington inherited the property in 1762. After the Wakefield house at Pope's Creek burned, he expanded the house at Blenheim and built another house at Haywood. After his death in 1810 Wakefield passed to his son, George Corbin Washington, who sold the property in 1813.



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