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To Jared Sparks

Dear Sir

     I left Mt Vernon in July and after spending the inter<ven>ing time in our mountainous Country, I arrived at this place the day before yesterday— Your favor of the 7th followed, but did not overtake me until well in the last hour.

     I do not Know what to say respecting the arrangement which you propose to make of the letters to Genl Washington. For every purpose of their future preservation or of reference to them myself I see no necessity for any alteration; but if it will facilitate your operations to make it I can have no objection, presuming that the expense of lending them will be inconsiderable. I am now engaged in erecting a fire proof building for the purpose of insuring their safety when they shall be returned to Mt V.

     I regret most truly that it is not in my power to respond to any one of your enquiries you make respecting the early life of Genl W. and what is worse I know if no source of information to which I can apply with any prospect of success. There is not to my Knowledge a living creature who can assist me, and I have no papers to refer to which have not been subjected to your inspection.

     If you can form any Judgt when the work you are engaged with will be prepared or any part of it, for the press I shall be happy to be informed of it. My reason for making this request is that I may be enabled to make some answer to the many enquiries which are addressed to me on that subject. I am with much esteem & consideration Dear Sir Very respectfully & sincerely yrs

Bush. Washington

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