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“This was a bill in equity, brought to obtain an injunction and general relief against a judgment rendered in this Court at May term, 1825, in favour of the present defendant, and against the present plaintiffs, for the recovery of a moiety of certain parcels of land. The original action was a writ of entry sur disseisin, upon a supposed disseisin of one William McGlathry, under whom the plaintiffs derived title as tenants of the freehold. The substance of the bill was as follows: ‘That a verdict and judgment were rendered in this Court, May term, 1825, on a writ of entry, on the disseisin of one William McGlathry, brought by the defendant against the plaintiffs for an undivided moiety of a parcel of land in the town of Bangor. A part of the land, demanded in that suit, was disclaimed, and the residue defended . . .’”

Case Citation

4 Mason 349